Monday, 23 February 2009

Trendspotting Ambiente 2009

To keep abreast of the latest trends in consumer goods, Rodd took a trip to Ambiente, one of the largest trade shows of its kind. Wading through the immense array of products from the sublime to the less so, is very difficult. Fortunately the organisers make it a bit easier by grouping some of the more interesting things together.

It is great to see pattern and colour being used much more than in the past. A nod to the past is certainly evident in some of the patterns and colour combinations being used. Many companies are conveying a much more social and eco aware message through their products with the use of recycled plastics or more sustainable materials and combinations of materials. The scandinavian housewares exude sophistication along with simple interventions based on lifestyles and user behavior. It's great to also see the art of simple, beautifully made products remain, perfectly captured in the traditional knives and simple vessels being produced by particularly many japanese manufacturers.

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