Monday, 6 July 2009

Augmented Reality - dull name, daft glasses but amazing technology...

Ok so the heat wave is over and it’s back to gloomy Monday weather. If you need an espresso shot of cool, make the jump to GigantiCo and make you way through their Augmented Reality post. For those with SAD induced lethargy we have para phrased... and No, you don't need to wear the funny looking specs!

Augmented technology (the mixing of 3D computer graphics in to real world experiences in real time - kind of like the holographic conference phone in Star Wars!) has undeniable wow factor – but finding the appropriate application will decide the long-term future for the technology. Hopefully smart brands will find ways to create powerful and functional augmented experiences, rather than catchy ad inspired brand experiences – which capture the consumer’s attention for all of five minutes before the next latest greatest tech trend sweeps in.

The Giganti blog provides a dozen or so great links to demos – most are worth a browse, the 3D model of the Lego kit that magically appears as you grab a box off the shelf is every kids dream but in the greater scheme of things it’s a thirty second hit, place aware - ‘pastes’ real time tags onto your smart phone screen as you pan the camera around your immediate environment is a like a GPS meets Wiki experience, on a retail front (possibly the obvious jumping in point for the technology) the IKEA retail concept is kind of cool . Ever wondered how that sofa and lamp combo would look in you front room – read on…

All videos

Ikea retail concept

Place-Aware - GPS meets Wiki

Full article on GigantiCo

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