Friday, 14 May 2010

Peter in Hong Kong - Day 5

Wednesday, Day off! Promised myself an early start but you know how it is, jet lag and lazy bones conspired to keep me in my bed till 11 am.
Once up the first shorts of the year were worn and off I went walking from the Hotel in Kowloon down to Victoria Harbour with views south across to the Hong Kong Island. Soon I reached the iconic Star Ferry terminal and for the fantastically low price of £0.25p you can cross probably one of the most famous of pieces of water in the World. The fleet of 12 ferries that operate routes across the harbour carry over 70,000 passengers a day, or 26 million a year. In fact crossing the Harbour on a Spring morning with the impressive architecture of the Island looming ahead must be one of the top experiences of my life. Just got to be done.

Having taken the cable tram up to the Island Summit last time I avoided the holiday makers and headed instead back to Kowloon and up to an area known as 'Mothers market', home to 'You want copy watch'. This market area consists of rows upon rows of stales selling every conceivable useless gifts known to man and in amongst all the tat can be found these incredibly realistic copy watches. For $HK 250, about £25, you can have a Rolex or a Chanel bag that your friends would need to be told is a fake. This time I resisted and came away empty handed.

My flight home was that night. All flights to London leave around midnight and arrive early morning making them very popular with the ex PAT British bankers who want to pop back home for the weekend.

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