Sunday, 27 March 2011

Rodd - launch Armlock and Lupin at the HomeOffice.

Last week Pete and I were invited to see three of our Design Council projects - Tie, Armlock and Lupin showcased at the HomeOffice. The work, part of a three year study, brought together the Design Council, the professional Design community and the Government to explore how simple design interventions can positively effect big social issues such as crime.

Our work focussed on 'hot-products' high on the thieves list - such as mobile phones and bicycles. Other projects explored aggravated crime with objects such as the pint glass, as well as attitudinal shifts towards crime amongst young adults in inner city Glasgow.

The projects were extremely well received by industry and policy makers alike. It's just a question of time before some of these ideas reach Market and start to make inroads into crime reduction.

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